Hokas is Accounts Receivable management in a whole new way

Hokas is Accounts Receivable management in a whole new way

High efficiency - Stay consistent with your reminders while focusing the time of your A/R staff on other tasks, with streamlined workflow.

Increased priority - Get paid faster with an invoice follow-up solution that changes your customers' prioritization.

Complete overview - We'll give you complete overview of the entire Accounts Receivable side of your business, and make managing this a breeze.



Designed to be self-financing, our Accounts Receivable solution reduces multiple A/R related costs and accelerates cash flow. Standard pricing is based on invoice volume, average credit sales and A/R complexity. For other pricing options, contact us.

Leave the credit management to Hokas

Leave the credit management to Hokas

The complete A/R follow-up solution provided by specialists.

  • Hokas takes ownership of the whole process
  • Proven steps that speed up your recovery process
  • Methods that change how late payers prioritize
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Automated reminder service
  • Designated debtor portal
  • And much, much more....


How does it work?

The personal touch and oversight added by our Account Managers, combined with the weight and consistency carried by our reminders results in highly effective and efficient A/R management processes.

  • You continue to invoice all customers as usual.
  • All customer payments go straight into your account.
  • Our integration with your accounting system ensures an accurate reflection of your A/R data.
  • Hokas sends payment reminders to customers of your choosing to make sure they pay within the agreed upon timelines.
  • Monitor A/R reports, debtors and invoices in our cloud portal. Here, your customers can access their invoices at any time.

Account Receivable Management

Integrated with your accounting software, Hokas offers an efficient and unique service for Accounts Receivable management. Our reminder solution is fully customizable and tailor made to suit your needs.


Hokas provides a seamless integration between your accounting system and our collection agency partners. Payments received after a case is sent to collections are posted automatically. Our professional and courteous process protects your reputation, and takes care of your customers at the same time.